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At the Inverness Chamber of Commerce Highland Business Dinner on Friday 19th May 2023 we unveiled our new film which introduces some of our team, clients and services at The Oxygen Works.  The theme of the film was to focus on the people that make The Oxygen Works the unique, inspiring, and supportive place that it is. 

We pride ourselves on providing transformative and life changing support through our therapies and services, however even more so than this, we know that what makes us truly unique is the individuals involved with The Oxygen Works.  This film recognises the power of human connection, which is the foundation on which our organisation is built upon.

A huge thank you to everyone who shared their incredible stories, on and off camera; you are the beating heart of The Oxygen Works.

A subtitled version of the film is also available here.

With huge thanks to Ian and his team at DP Digital for putting everyone at ease and capturing this incredible footage. 

Special mention to Barry and Emma MacDowell who provided that incredible wedding dance shot courtesy Allan Law Photography from their wedding on 8th April 2023.