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Dear all members and friends of The Oxygen Works

This was not the New Year’s update I hoped to be issuing this evening. While I am sure my update will not come as a huge surprise following updates from the Scottish Government today, it does come with a very heavy heart. Following extensive discussion with our Board and The Oxygen Works team, and based on feedback from many members who have contacted us over the course of the day; many of whom were cancelling appointments due to rising concerns. We have made the very difficult decision to keep the centre closed, with all services suspended until at least 1st February 2021.

The new strain of coronavirus is seeing significant community transmission and we feel, at this point, the most important thing we can do to protect our team, members and our NHS is to ensure The Oxygen Works does not offer an opportunity to allow the virus to spread.

We hope more information will be available over the coming weeks to help shape our decisions and ensure we continue to have all the correct protocols and PPE in place to keep everyone associated The Oxygen Works and wider community safe. As we have throughout this pandemic, we will keep you all informed of this situation as it progresses. All appointments made for January will be cancelled and will not take new appointments until we can gain further clarity on our operations. We will be meeting with our Board and team following the Scottish Government review when we will issue further updates.

I appreciate the disappointment and concern that will accompany this news and for that I am desperately sorry. It is important, now even more than ever that we are kind to ourselves and each other, please reach out if you would like to talk or need support and above all else continue to keep yourselves safe and know that brighter days are ahead for us all. Regards,

Leigh-Ann Little | CEO

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