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With many charities having to reduce access to services, shrink service provision or close their doors completely, The Oxygen Works is continuing to battle to increase services and capacity, while facing the stark reality of the ongoing impact of cost of living.

We are hugely proud to deliver life changing support and services on a donation basis to our community. Despite a drastically different landscape, of increased competition for grant funding from ever decreasing pots, charitable donations falling as households simply have less to give and increases across every element of our service delivery our Minimum Suggested Contributions have remained unaltered since 2019.


We have investigated and implemented as many cost saving measures into the charity as possible such as last year’s installation of energy efficient solar panels. However, despite our best efforts we simply have not been able to stave the tidal wave of increased costs across our business.

As we face unprecedented demand for our services we must find means of keeping the charity financially stable to ensure services continue to be of the highest possible standards,  to retain and develop our incredible team and continue to grow to support the community need.  All whilst trying to ensure that these are delivered in a way which is accessible and affordable. Crucially, where the cost of access is not affordable to the most vulnerable in society, that we are able to provide them with access at even greater subsidy or free of charge completely.

With this in mind, The Oxygen Works will be increasing the Suggested Minimum Contributions for some of its services from 1st February 2024. The contributions suggested do not represent the total cost to The Oxygen Works, these contribution amounts are heavily reduced and subsidised by our fundraising, grant funds and general donations.

We understand and appreciate the impact that this will have on our client base and we ask that anyone with concerns on funding their therapies should speak to a member of our team and we will do everything we can within our power to assist you. To further support our long-standing and regular clients, we will soon be implementing a loyalty scheme where we will look to reward you for your regular support and attendance by giving you free and discounted services.

The Oxygen Works exists to support its community, we are led and shaped by you; for you. We do hope that you appreciate the financial strains that our charity and the wider sector is facing and thank you in advance for your understanding. We do also ask that if you have any feedback or questions that you reach out to Jenni or myself.

Leigh-Ann Little | CEO | January 2024

To learn more about how these changes could impact you please click the link below to read more about paying for your services at The Oxygen Works.