Complementary Therapy.

We work with independent therapists who are experts in their relevant field of interest and provide services to clients within The Oxygen Works centre.

We have two therapy rooms which are hired by therapists across the week to bring a range of options and services to our clients.

If you are a qualified therapist who would like to work out of a vibrant and friendly therapy centre. Please get in touch!

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Meet Our Therapists.

Jen Brown.

Highland Theraplate

The TheraPlate is a totally unique therapy platform which uses advanced, patented technology called Vortex Wave Circulation Therapy.

Vortex Wave Circulation Therapy gives people the advantage of increased circulation, rehabilitation and supports and aids recovery. It is used alongside and compliments other therapies.

If you find yourself in pain, Jen can offer tailored and scientifically led protocols to help.

Jen is available for appointments

Monday all day.

If you would like to be added to the diary for Highland Theraplate,
please contact 07765 718 302 to book.

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I have warm feet once again…I hope people that try it have such a success as I have found so far

– Nichola

Sam McCowat.

Serenity Boutique

Sam will soon be offering Auricular Acupuncture at The Oxygen Works.

With over 10 years as a highly qualified massage therapist Sam uses her personal and professional experience and knowledge to support people living with long-term health concerns.

Sam is also continuing to study her qualification in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine which she hopes to deliver from The Oxygen Works in the not too distant future.

Sam is available for appointments

Tuesday and Wednesday.

Prices for Auricular Acupuncture on enquiry with Sam.

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I always feel relaxed, more physically flexible and energised after treatment!

– Shirley

Kasia Dudek.

Bowen Ness Clinic

Bowen treatment is well placed to effectively support the management of long-term health conditions like fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), chronic Lyme disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Kasia can help to restore body function and movement due to injury, illness and disabilities using Bowen.

Kasia can also provide cupping therapy which involves putting special cups onto your skin to create suction. Cupping can be used to help with pain management, inflammation, improving blood flow, relaxation as well as being a form of deep tissue massage.

Kasia is available for appointments

Friday afternoon.

Prices start from

£25 for cupping therapy and £35 for Bowen

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Bowen is very gentle and calm yet you still feel like you have had a full body massage.

– Jenni Donnelly

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