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We warmly invite members of The Oxygen Works to attend our Twenty Eighth Annual General Meeting – The Reconnect

At our AGM we will have a strong theme around reconnecting. Looking at rebuilding and strengthening connections within our community; existing and new. Giving us the ideal opportunity to thank some of the people and organisations who have helped us to survive the challenges of 2020/21.

We will also undertake the formal AGM business of:

  • Approving the Minutes of the AGM 2020
  • Review financial accounts for 2020 (Available to view on Companies House)
  • Elect the Board of Directors for 2021/22

While there is formal business to undertake, we want to create this opportunity and space to consider the impact of the last year, share our plans to navigate the next 12 months and to reconnect with our membership.

If you are looking to attend or would like to vote by proxy please register here.


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